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Donate to South Grand Lake Regional Airport

Growing a 3000′ grass strip with one small pole barn hangar to a 5200′ paved regional airport in less than 10 years many would say is impossible. South Grand Lake Regional (1K8) has proven the impossible can be done. Over the past 10 years, the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and the FAA have invested over $4M in the airport. Additionally, over $1M in private funds have been invested in the construction of hangars including two large executive hangars capable of accommodating business jets. 1K8 is now home to two aviation businesses.


A major milestone was accomplished this year when 1K8 had a new instrument approach published.


Current projects on the horizon include automatic weather reporting, expanded apron to provide needed aircraft parking, widening runway to 75’, parallel taxiway, and a terminal building.


The airport’s growth and success would not have happened without the gracious donations initially of the “Seed Money” by a group of visionaries and the ongoing support of many.


Unlike other regional public airports, 1K8 does not have a city sponsor providing operations support and financial matching funds for grants.  Volunteers provide operations support and other than revenue from fuel sales and land leases, fund raising is the only means of insuring continued operation and growth of the airport.


South Grand Lake Regional Airport is a Title 60 public trust qualifying donations to be tax deductible.


Please help this great public asset to continue to grow and fuel even more economic development with your much needed and appreciated tax deductible donation.


To donate to the airport you may either use our online Paypal payment process or mail your check to:
South Grand Lake Regional Airport
35602 S. 4467 Road
Vinita, OK 74301

Online Paypal Payment

Donate to the airport using our online Paypal service. You will have the option of using your Paypal account or your favorite credit card.


Cub $50.00
Skyhawk $150.00
Barron $250.00
Aerostar $500.00
Citation $1,000.00
Columbia $ – – – – –


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