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Economic Development

“Airports and Oklahomans: The perfect match” AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) – June 18, 2015

The airport is an economic development project for the benefit of the Grand Lake Area Community. With improvements of expanded fuel ramp, runway lights and GPS all weather approach in progress, the airport has reached a new level for 24/7 operation for business and personal aircraft, including coast to coast flights and destination leased aircraft.

Air access to a community is a big factor for most companies in their decision for a new, or additional location. New businesses that operate twelve months out of the year, with no dependency on the recreation season, will bring a huge economic benefit to Grand Lake Country.

The aviation industry is one of the largest industries in Oklahoma, and it is growing. Recently, the sales tax exemption for aircraft expensive repair has been extended to all repairs, presenting an opportunity for new business at the South Grand Lake Airport.

South Grand Lake Regional Airport is a Title 60 Public Trust.

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Brent Howard article PDF – Airport, Economic Development /Growth

Airport Improvements

2005 – 2015

In 2005 the airport was a pasture grass strip and a pole barn hangar. Since then –

  • A Public Trust with 9 volunteer directors was formed.
  • A mile of hard surface runway was built.
  • The board purchased 16 acres adjacent to the airport for development
  • 25 commitments to lease lots and build hangars were secured.
  • Development loan secured to develop the hangar tract and build a fuel farm.
  • 35 hangar lots with utilities and taxiways were developed.
  • Self service Jet / Avgas fuel farm and fuel ramp were built.
  • Loan secured to build temporary terminal and rental vehicle storage.
  • Entry and entry road built.
  • Four hangars built.
  • Purchased 20 acres to provide runway safety area, airport entry and future development.
  • Built Pavilion for aviation and public events facility.
  • 25 acres purchased and fenced for runway safety area.
  • Fuel ramp was expanded.
  • Fuel farm shelter built.
  • Runway lights were installed.
  • Runway crack seal and new marking paint.
2016 – 2018
  • 80 x 125 hangar
  • 160% increase in Hangars
  • 5000 gal JET-A fuel truck
  • Ramp expansion
  • Additional 48 acres, Fencing, & Avigation Lease purchases
  • RNAV (GPS)
  • WAAS GPS All Weather Approach
  • Pave entry road
  • Fuel Truck Shelter
  • Citation Management, Mentoring, and Brokerage
  • AI and A&P Services
  • Flight School & Aviation Services
  • New Conference Room
  • Brand fuel with EPIC Aviation
  • New entry security gate
  • Flight Lessons Scholarship Fund
  • Widen and overlay runway to 75 x 5,200
  • 4 Box PAPPI both ends
2020 & Beyond
  • Aviation light Industrial development
  • Expand parking apron
  • Parallel Taxiway
  • New Terminal building
  • Terminal hangar


Widen and overlay runway to 75 x 5,200


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